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2 off 400 Ton power presses with large bed areas which can adapt your press tooling backed with 2 modern Amada 170 Ton press brake machines with 4m beds, ready to bend sheet metal where no tooling is readily available.

We at RSY Industries take pride in offering the Power Press services in the UK. With all the modern equipment and skilled professionals, RSY Industries is here to deliver high end services.

To know more about Power Presses, please keep on reading:

Types of Power Presses

Gap Frame Press:

These presses have larger frame openings, that means a wide area between its base and ram to accommodate larger work pipes. It also has longer beds.

Inclinable Frame Press:

Its frame is called inclinable due to its capacity to tilt backup to some angular extent. Its back is open to exit to open the scrap, so it is also called as open back inclinable press.

Adjustable Bed Type Press:

In this case, the bed can be adjusted at desirable height by moving it vertically or horizontally with the help of screw.

Horn Like Press:

Horn press has a cylindrical horn like projection at the machine frame that serves as the die support. The horns may be interchanged for different sizes of work.

Pillar Press:

Pillar press is a hydraulic press with four pillars mounted on the base. The pillars support and guide the ram in the whole process.

Uses of Power Press Machine:

Power Press is used in heavy manufacturing applications like allied industrial establishments, factories, and engineering plants.

Power Press is used as a pressing machinery within the manufacturing industry.

Due to its simplified metal bending tasks, it’s also highly utilized as a workshop machine.

The enormous salient features are used for assembling, drawing, and straightening tasks.

They are highly used in various industries including automobile, agriculture, bicycle, engineering, and electrical.

Hydraulic cylinders are plied to get compressive force and for the formation of hydro.

Benefits of Power Press Machine

It trims, presses, straightens, assembles, and disassembles into various shapes.

It is categorized as sturdy, durable and energy efficient machine.

Has low initial cost and may be a user-friendly machine.

This highly reliable machinery with amazing pressing, punching and clasping techniques doesn’t necessarily require maintenance.