CNC Laser Cutting

Modern Amada X1 4Kw and 3Kw Laser machines with tower facilities to cater for different material types such as Aluminium, stainless steel and mild steels with thicknesses up to 20mm. The X1 Laser has the capability to operate 24 hours / day unmanned and offers tolerances up to +/- 0.01mm.

RSY Industries Limited is a proud CNC laser cutting service provider. Before we move ahead, let’s have a glance at what CNC laser cutting actually is.

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) laser cutting is termed as a sheet manufacturing process administered by CNC laser cutters. The most important sort of laser cutting for sheet is termed on be ‘vaporisation cutting’, during which a robust beam melts the fabric and high gas removes the molten material.

The major three sorts of laser cutter are flying optic; moving material; and hybrid laser cutting.

Laser cutting may be a fabrication process which employs a focused, high-powered beam to chop material into custom shapes and styles . This process is suitable for a good range of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, gemstone, glass, and paper, and may produce precise, intricate, and sophisticated parts without the necessity for custom-designed tooling.

A CNC laser cutting machine works by centering the tremendous measure of vitality it delivers on a touch territory. The steady light emission that hits the zone makes it dissolve or dissipate. A cut is made by moving the protest being cut or by moving the laser shaft over the surface.

High performance CNC cutting Machines during which drawing is directly imported there’s no got to transfer in to G codes. As controller is window based even unskilled labour can work effectively & easily. Advantage of High performance cutting Machine is low running cost, very precise work & even man power requirement is extremely less.

Advantages of laser cutting:

  • Laser cutting is quicker on thinner gauges (approx. up to 1.2mm) than punch presses, provided few lead-ins.
  • It can produce more intricate designs also as holes thinner than the gauge, reasonably , e.g. 2.5mm hole through 4.0mm steel.
  • Laser cutting is far more easier to program.
  • It doesn’t believe having a good range of tooling, which can not leave certain sized cut-outs.
  • A cleaner traverse most* materials, without nibbles marks.

So, in case you’re owning a business that demands CNC cutting and you’re searching for someone who can offer CNC laser cutting services, then we are here to help.